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If you need a negative COVID-19 test result before departure, please check these overviews below of test locations.

View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of the Dutch authorities

View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of SkyTeam

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Travel requirements from/to Japan & Test locations for passengers departing from Japan

Travel requirements to/from Japan

Are you travelling soon? Check KLM Japan local Coronavirus (COVID-19) related information page and also KLM TravelDoc shortly before departure to find out which test requirements apply to your trip and how to make sure you're allowed to board. Make sure to enter your entire route if your trip includes transfers.

COVID-19 Testing before departing from Japan TeCOT (COVID-19 Testing Center for Overseas Travelers) provides online services for overseas travelers to find and request reservations at desired medical institutions which can conduct adequate medical tests such as a PCR testing. For more details: TeCOT (COVID-19 Testing Center for Overseas Travelers) website List of Medical Institutions in Japan Issuing COVID-19 Testing Certificates NARITA airport PCR Testing center website  KANSAI airport clinic website (Japanese)