Living room club Rosi’s

Berlin is known as a city where you can party day and night. Germany’s capital boasts around 300 (legal) clubs so making a choice can be tough. One of the nightclubs on everyone’s list is Rosi’s, rated by various magazines as Berlin’s best club.

A drink in the garden

A drink in the garden

Relax in the garden

Rosi's is tucked away among various old commercial buildings and a graffiti-clad apartment complex. You will rarely find a queue outside the club even though it's always busy. Admission is a few euros, giving you access to a large garden with comfortable sofas, fire baskets and a ping-pong table. In summer, hungry clubbers can enjoy a steak straight from the barbecue.

Dance to Balkan beats and techno

Once inside, Rosi’s features 2 dance halls and a number of small rooms for a more intimate drink. These smaller rooms have been decorated as 1970s living rooms and are perfect for taking a break from dancing. The music varies each night and depends on which dance floor you chose. On a Saturday you may find the DJs spinning electro in one room and Balkan beats in another. The next day the tunes could be techno and reggae. There are also many regular live performances at Rosi's.

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