On a shopping adventure in Altona

An independent city until 1938, Altona lies across the ‘border’ from Sankt Pauli and still exudes a free spirit. This part of Hamburg is home to hip thirty-somethings, art students and other creative personalities. Pedestrian streets lined with boutiques, designer stores and galleries alternate with bistros and beach bars – a refreshing change from Hamburg’s busy city centre.


Sweet lingerie

To explore Altona’s shops, begin in the Ottenser Hauptstraße, a pleasant lively shopping street. Take a look at Der Schaukelstuhl (the rocking chair), a small interior design store that specialises in rocking chairs and high-quality sofa beds. For sweet temptations visit B.Sweet, a few doors down, for an interesting combination of artfully presented chocolates and sets of lingerie. At the end of the street you will find Adler Altona, an irresistible shop with men's clothing and accessories by brands that are hard to find in other parts of Germany.

‘Marktzeit’ in the factory

‘Marktzeit’ in the factory

Brunch in the factory

For even more creativity and originality, continue your shopping adventure in a northerly direction. Visit Retube, located on the Hohenesch, where old tractor tyres have found a new purpose as hip designer bags. Further north you will encounter Fabrik, a former factory hall that hosts a popular neighbourhood market on weekends. In addition to (second-hand) jewellery, clothing and art, you will also find all kinds of homemade delicacies – from bread and jam to rhubarb syrup. A perfect place for brunch.

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